Welcome! NANOSTAR is the owner of the patented brand of the global biological microcleaning agent TOP BIO CLEANER. Participation in all status jewelry and commodity exhibitions since 2009: Junwex, Jewelry vernissage, The best jewelry of Russia, Glass of Russia and many others made it possible to present the unique cleaning properties of TOP BIO CLEANER widely: for cleaning of jewelry - "NANO Brilliant", for glasses - "NANO Brillenpflege", for glass, leather, furniture and many other articles surrounding us daily in life.

The NANOSTAR innovation center offers an opportunity to use the site resource for purchase of our products for all interested consumers and established clients. We offer commercial cooperation to legal entities: opportunity to sell in your shops the latest universal agent for safe care of any jewelry and many daily used articles. Besides, TOP BIO CLEANER can be used in shops as a working mean of a pre-sale (showcase) preparation of your products.

TOP BIO CLEANER – is a liquid-based cleaning agent with plant nanoorganics components. The European microbilogists, creating this miracle, aimed to make an agent with maximum safety and high efficiency in surface clearance of dirt, oxides, fats… The effect was reached successfully, as confirmed by DEKRA Institute (Germany). Besides, several additional effects were reached as well. They include dirt- and water repellency, metal and stones polish effect due to microscratching filling, oxidation protection effect, antireflection coating effect (with antifogging effect!!), pearl restoration.

Cleaning and antistatic effect, compatibility with any polycarbonate and rare earth metals (perfect for PC and TV screens). Today all modern gadgets in the world use a transparent resistance material, comprised of the thinnest oxide layer of rare earth metals, as a surface for screens production. TOP BIO CLEANER thin molecular-based cleaning makes it possible to reduce uncontrolled beam light spreading of a command by a finger touch. Result: the screen is perfectly clean, commands to your gadget are the most precise possible.

TOP BIO CLEANER – rubber gloves are not required. Safe for children, pets… Hypoallergic. Odorless.

TOP BIO CLEANER is the sole agent certified for pearls cleaning. Compliance with the EU standards, ideal formula and efficiency are undeniable advantages of this novelty. At that, it’s the easiest, cost-effective, safest and most efficient jewelry care (including turquoise, amber, corals etc.), bijouterie care, gadgets care (mobile phones, TV sets, automonitors, navigators).

Please take a look at the video for care guidelines. A special brush (gentle but elastic and firm) and nonabrasive polish OXXI BIO CLEANER are offered as additional agents.


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