TOP BIO CLEANER is an agent for an easy and effective cleaning of surfaces and lasting purity: jewelry, including any gem stones (including organic stones); glasses, high-quality optics made of glass and polymeric materials; computer screens and any electronic devices. Cleaning with TOP BIO CLEANER Nano Brilliant significantly improves optical properties and protects from further greasiness, by giving additional useful properties to the goods: visual smoothing of small imperfections (scratches), antistatic effect and surface protection against fogging up.

High efficiency, universality and safety of TOP BIO CLEANER Nano Brilliant result from a biological basis of its active components and lack of aggressive agents in its formula: acids, ammonia, abrasive elements, silicone, petroleum derivatives, isopropyl and other alcohols. The qualitative composition provides popularity of the agent.

"TOP BIO CLEANER Nano Brilliant" is made taking into account the requirements to environmental protection, in accordance with the European regulations 648/2004/EU. All components are completely biodegradable and cause no damage to environment or sources of water. "TOP BIO CLEANER Nano Brilliant" is safe for humans and applied in living conditions without additional means of protection for hands and breath.

"TOP BIO CLEANER Nano Brilliant" is certified in the territory of Russia.

This product is an independent merchantable commodity, and it also offers new opportunities in the field of rendering original services to your clients!

There are jewelry cleaning agents consisting of:

ISOPROPANOL - Belongs to substances of the 3rd hazard class (moderately hazardous substances) by extent of impact on an organism, possesses toxic effect. Poisoning with isopropyl alcohol is caused by vapour inhalation. Even lower dose of ingestion can cause poisoning.

Impact on human health

Has an irritating impact on eyes and respiratory tract, causes headache at short-term exposure of big concentration of vapors. It may have the oppressing effect on central nervous system. Impact on a level of maximum concentration limit, may cause loss of consciousness.

NITRILOACETIC ACID – derivative from substances containing acetic acid!













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